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Alumtechbond has been supplying all the accessories required to complete Aluminum Composite Panel projects. Rivets are at the top of the list of every ACP contractor. Although rivets might not receive a lot of attention compared to other components in an ACP project, our experience indicates they are a force to reckon with. The material and application of the rivet will in fact guarantee the durability and stability of the project. Not all rivets are made equal and not all rivets are suitable for ACP projects. That is why we have dedicated a section to this seemingly low-key item. As for all other materials we procure, our rivets are carefully designed and custom manufactured by select world-class producers for our projects and for our customers’ wholesale orders.

Alumtechbond currently supplies blind rivets in 5/32" diameter and 5/8" length with material specs tuned to ACP projects. The rivets also come in a variety of colors to match the surface under construction.

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Alumtechbond Extruded Profiles


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Extruded Aluminum Profiles

Alumtechbond's durable Aluminum Composite Panel installation rely on the quality and heavy-duty extruded profiles that are expertly designed and produced in our shops to exceedingly high standards and to withstand corrosion. The success and guarantee you are looking for your Aluminum Composite Panel projects depend on the extrusions you use. Hundreds of the projects made by Alumtechbond and other installers in Greater Toronto Area have been built using the extruded profiles exclusively designed and crafted by Alumtechbond.

Alumtechbond currently supplies the following types of profiles. Please contact us for more details or simply fill in the form below to place your order.

  1. J starter
  2. Perimeter Extrusion (E bar)
  3. Clips

Aluminum Composite Sheets

Alumtechbond has been supplying Aluminum Composite Sheets to the market and contractors for many years. In fact, Alumtechbond is one of a few companies in North America to work with OEM manufacturers directly to produce customized Aluminum Composite Sheets to the standards and conditions suitable in Canada. This will help us control the quality to meet the highest standards and has led Alumtechbond become a major supplier of these sheets in North America.

Furthermore, we have been able to become Greater Toronto Area's Number one company using our own Aluminum Composite Sheets to fabricate and install Aluminum Composite Panels for building facade projects and interior Aluminum Composite Panel structures. Aluminum Composite Panels are being used more than ever to add efficiency and appeal to the facade of the buildings. They are also used when the interior design calls for an ultra-flat and formable material. The other unique feature about Aluminum Composite Panels is the availability of a variety of textures and colors. Please contacts us to know about the numerous advantages and options which sometimes make Aluminum Composite Panel indispensable and yet cost-effective solution for your situation.

Our Aluminum Composite sheets are made using state-of-the-art technology under certified processes resulting in a material that has been established in North America and is verified to meet all the building materials requirements, and are of two main categories of fire-retardant core and standard core.

The sheets are in 2 sizes of 4' x 8' and 5' x 12' in area and have a total height (thickness) of 4mm.

 Alumtechbond currently supplies the following textures and colors subject to availability. 


ACP SHEET Metallic Series

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Alumtechbond Rivets

ACP SHEET Solid color series

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