​​​Alumtech Bond  Structure

Marketing Department: 
With enthusiastic and welcoming attitude, the experienced sales persons deploy the marketing plan for the clients in a very short time. On the basis of the clients’ needs, this department provides the best and extensive services.

Sales Department:
With the positive result of the marketing department, the sales department follow up with the clients to make sure the contract would be finalized with the utmost satisfaction by the clients’ side.

Designing Department:
A group of experienced designers provide the services to study drawings and blueprints or to inspect the job site. In the next step, they revert the results to the software designing team to comply with the customer taste and provide final outlines to proceed.

Fabrication Department:
This department is comprised of the trained technicians operating advanced CNC machineries for the proficient fabrication and customized design primed by the team of designers.

Assembly Line:
The assembly line contains of professionals with the expertise to assemble the final profile and make the fabricated panels ready for installation.

Installation Crew:
Installation crew is comprised of trained individuals to install the fabricated products at the job site. 

​​​​Alumtech Bond Design, Fabricate and Install Top Quality Aluminum Composite Panel in Toronto

More than ever before, innovative and sustainable materials are in constant demand for realizing the creative visions of successful architects and designers. The buildings of the future do not only have to comply with the highest demands on design, they also have to meet the latest technical requirements: sustainability, energy efficiency, noise protection and fire protection.

Alumtech Bond Incorporation offers a building material that combines a creative appearance and the ultimate technological demands in the best possible way.​ Alumtech Bond Inc. is a Canadian based company with a head office in Toronto, Ontario. This company specializes in design, fabricating and installation of the Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) customized to the consumer needs and implementing the interior and exterior projects in residential, commercial and industrial sites. With the trained staff and extensive experience, Alumtech bond Inc. has the ability to plan and run the large construction projects. Alumtech Bond is committed to supply the best quality products with the most reasonable price. We owe our success to our loyal customers. 

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Management team of Alumtech Bond 

With over 20 years’ experience in the construction field and the enriched background of engineering and setting up different projects for exterior and interior, the marketing and technical aspects of the field is a resolved issue for our company. With the valuable and practical experience, the capability of supplying the raw materials, and the vision to plan and run different projects in constructions, we at Alumtech Bond Inc., have a great back bone to understand and know the market. It is our key point of success in a short time for the company. Call us for Toronto Aluminum Composite Panel.